The Public Safety Expert we need!

Mark is dedicated to ensuring Manhattan Beach is safe, financially secure, and remains the most desirable beach community to live, work and play.



Mark has earned the trust of thousands of MB residents through his transparent approach to government and leadership.


As a former Mayor, General Counsel to LAPD & LAFD, President of the Manhattan Beach Rotary Club, Roundhouse Aquarium Board member, Mark has the proven leadership and dedication that our community needs on Council.


Mark has always been open to hearing from our community. He is the voice of the residents and will remain accessible to all.

Mark's Plan


Expand our MB police department by hiring more patrol officers, more foot beat patrol officers and creating a special problems unit for enhanced enforcement.  In addition, we need to hire a dedicated city prosecutor.


Maintain local control of zoning and land use to protect and preserve our low-profile, residential character by challenging Sacramento’s overreach and upzoning efforts in local MB housing matters.


Support our local small business owners by providing responsive and customer centric processes in the community development department.


Provide a path to promote to MBFD Chief for our MBFD Firefighter/Paramedics and assuring MBFD is fully staffed by expeditiously hiring to fill vacancies.

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